What is Discord?

You may have heard a lot about Discord, and been wondering what it is. Well, think of video collaboration platforms like Zoom and Hangouts. Then add chat forums like reddit and Slack & blend the community aspects of Twitch and Facebook and you have Discord.

Let's get Creative

We help you every step of the way by working with your creative / marketing / brand team to ensure that your Discord channel reflects
your brand look, feel and vibe... From the invitation to join your community, down to the names of the channels and how your automated bots look and interact.

Public & Private

Discord, gives your brand the perfect platform to create open chat channnels that you control.
Public Channels: These text, voice & video channels are open to all members.
Private Channels: You decide based on member's roles who can join

Ready to Go?

Now you have the basics, maybe you have additional questions?
How to get started?
How can AE360 help me?
What are the costs?
Keep scrolling down for more details, that may help answer all of your questions

360 D.D.M team

Select Your Discord Level

Let's make this as easy as possible, below is a guide based on the number of subscribers (subs) your Discord Community will attract.
Point to consider; the largest Discord server has just under 900,000 subs and average is around 5,000

Level 1

Basic Discord Server

$500 set up
  • Vailidation Bot
  • Single Chat Channel
  • Private Company Channel
  • Level 1 Community Bot
  • Basic Chat Features
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Level 2

All Level 1 Features +

$750 set up
  • Support Ticket Bot
  • Level 2 Sever Boost
  • 2 Additional Channels
  • Level 2 Bot
  • Level 2 Chat Features
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Level 3

Level 2 Features +

$1500 set up
  • Level 3 Sever Boost
  • Private Chat Rooms
  • Level 3 Subscription Tier
  • x1 3rd Party integration
  • Level 3 Bot & Chat Features
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School Configuration

- email for details -
  • Upgrade Options
  • Access Levels
  • Remote Learning
  • Private Staff Room
  • Education Bots
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Management Costs

This is where you can add the skills and experience of ae360 to help you with the ongoing management of your Discord Community. This does not include any moderation from our team or additional bots or server boosts.


Level 1 Package

per month
Select Bronze


Level 2 Package

per month
Select Silver


Level 3 Package

per month
Select Gold


Custom Package

$ £ €
email for details
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Global Brands, & Social Creators

Discord for Big Brands, Sportstars & Celebrities that want a better more bespoke experience!
Special brand packages customized for Social Artists / Creators / Influencers to connect and grow their community


$ £ €
email for details

    Customized for your brand

  • more features than Zoom
  • less clunky than Slack
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$ £ €
email for details

    Features +

  • Star Server Boost
  • x2 Branded Media Bots
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$ £ €
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    Features +

  • RockStar Server Boost
  • x3 Branded Media Bots
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$ £ €
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    Features +

  • SuperStar Server Boost
  • x5 Branded Media Bots
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